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A Movable Feast…

…the title of a wonderful article by Robyn Eckhardt and David Hagerman in the WSJ. The writer and photographer, husband and wife team, were with us on our February adventure in Thailand and chronicled it for this article. If you’re … Continue reading

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It’s "SOI" good

In Chiang Mai, Thailand there is an amazing local dish called Khao Soi (pronounced ‘cow soy’). I’ve posted this picture before but, wanted to put it up again since I’m finally including the recipe. I have Robyn to thank for … Continue reading

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Goodbye Asia

I am writing from the Tokyo airport on a massive layover between Thailand and the States. What else does one do here for 6 hours? Our final dinner in Chiang Mai was back and Jeff and Naomi’s. While we pitched … Continue reading

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Thursday morning brought another day of sunshine. While many people in our group hopped the van to see elephants, Farina, Mary and I stayed back to walk around the city. Naomi met us in the morning at the coffee stand … Continue reading

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How Do I Cook with a Doughnut in my Hand?

Day two, Tuesday, was another amazing morning at the market and afternoon cooking at Jeff and Naomi’s. I hustled into Jeff’s group to shop-rumor had it they’d found doughnuts the day before I didn’t want to miss that. We shopped … Continue reading

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Chiang Mai

We arrived in Chiang Mai mid afternoon and were greeted by travel agent extraordinaire Deb and one of our hosts, Jeffrey Alford. A short ride to our hotel and we quickly got to our rooms, left our bags, and headed … Continue reading

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Thailand Part Two

I apologize in advance for the confusing order of the recent posts. When I open my blog editor in Thailand all the instructions are in Thai so I’m clicking buttons by memory. The first post from Thailand is two posts … Continue reading

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