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A Taste of Things to Come

15 hours into 2010 and looking ahead.  I’m definitely a glass-half-full kind of girl and have only good thoughts about what’s to come in the new year.  I hope for the expected, health and happiness, and then a few other … Continue reading

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What I’m Reading Today

Blogging today from 32,247 feet, 437 mph, and -51 degrees.  Yep, gotta love free wifi on the airplane! This time between Thanksgiving and the December holidays is a busy one.  Parties, shopping, giving, and more all happen on top of … Continue reading

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What I’m Reading Today

I hate to say it but I think I’m actually ready to change my clock back. These pitch dark mornings are not helping my motivation to get out of bed! They are good for concocting fall menus. Here are some … Continue reading

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Simple Summer Dinner

I taught a class recently called Simple Seasonal Cooking at Tante Marie’s Cooking School. I wasn’t surprised when it sold out instantly-people love easy dinners. This is of course a great time for simple cooking. When produce is this fresh … Continue reading

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What I’m Reading Today

Remember when you were a kid and you counted down the days until school would end? Well, for my son today is that day. He’s ecstatic. I have to admit I’m excited too. I’m looking forward to sleeping in, not … Continue reading

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Cheap and Easy

Dinner people, I’m talking about dinner. Geesh…I type ‘cheap and easy’ and your mind goes right to the gutter. So I work on Tuesday nights. I usually leave dinner for my boys. Something easy. I make it in advance and … Continue reading

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Fish isn’t Fishy

I grew up in Seattle with grandparents who owned a fish market. I used to go there as a kid for handfuls of fresh crab meat and it was my favorite treat in the world (still is, as a matter … Continue reading

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