San Francisco Cooking School

There is a reason I’ve been remiss at posting to Food Wednesday lately.  I haven’t been able to reveal the big news until now.  I’m happy to announce that come this fall San Francisco will be home to an amazing new take on culinary education, San Francisco Cooking School.

The school will offer culinary arts training, as well as classes for home cooks.

When I started my culinary career, my goal was to open my own cooking school and, after fourteen years, it is fantastic to say that my dream is actually coming to fruition.

The culinary training at SFCS takes a contemporary look at training cooks.  We’ve built a curriculum based on a Bay Area point of view and integrated all the amazing food resources of the city to make it something that can only happen here in SF.  We’ve assembled an incredible group of advisors, all active in the food scene here today, to help ensure that everything we’re teaching is relevant.

Check out the website and excuse me if I’m not back here for a bit.  Duty calls!



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3 Responses to San Francisco Cooking School

  1. jackiemd says:

    Dreams DO come true if you believe!

  2. Dreams Do come true especially when YOU make it happen! Congratulations on your coming success!

  3. Marianne Benveniste says:

    Jodi I met you at Mr. J’s in Bellevue. I still make the roasted beets you taught us. Love listening to your parents…they are so, so proud. Wishing you much success. Hope to come by and visit one of these days to see it all in action.

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