What I’m Reading Today

If these recipes don’t get you to the farmers’ market then I don’t know what will.

Kirk McKoy/The Los Angeles Times

Galettes are the perfect desserts for the pie-phobic.  If you have a dough that cooperates well, it simply means rolling out a rough circle (perfection is absolutely not required here), filling it with fruit, and folding the edges over.  In the LA Times this recipe for an Apricot Almond Galette uses the best of the season.  As stone fruits and berries show up at your farmers’ market, this is the ideal dessert to play with-any summer fruits work well here.  If you’re more of a savory tart person, the LA Times still has you covered.  Savory Tomato Galette anyone?

Katherine Frey/The Washington Post

Grilling veggies is a no-brainer when the sun comes out.  If you’re already firing up the BBQ for dinner you should absolutely throw on some of your favorite vegetables.  Look no further than the Washington Post for a Grilled Zucchini and Eggplant topped with Chickpea and Raisin Relish.  I love the recipe because it makes a lovely side dish, but would easily satisfy a vegetarian if you grill some bread along with it.  The veggies can be served warm or, antipasto-style, at room temp.

Andrew Scrivani/The New York Times

It’s hard to improve on salsa verde.  The bright mixture fragrant with parsley, mint, and lemon is the acidic balance you often see married to a rich cut of meat.  Melissa Clark, in the NY Times, takes it a step further buy using fresh green garlic and chives.  A little less piquant, the sauce is used with Seared Pork Cutlets.  Green garlic season is short so head to your farmers’ market to find it asap.

Happy Reading and Happy Cooking.

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