What I’m Reading Today

Quick, Cheap, and Sweet…here you go.

Andrew Scrivani/The New York Times

I don’t know why I don’t cook mussels more often.  I have a couple fish mongers who get gorgeous clams and mussels, the price is usually right, and they cook up in no time.  Melissa Clark, in the NY Times, inspired me to get some this week with her recipe for Spicy Coconut Mussels with Lemongrass.  Side note: put coconut and lemongrass in anything and I’m in.  Fragrant with coconut milk, chile, lemongrass, you’ll have this dish ready in ten minutes.   Once you inhale the tender mussels, you’ll quickly realize that the broth might be the real star of this dish.  Melissa sops hers up with a porous croissant but I might serve mine over a bowl of steamed rice.  Either way, it’s dinner in a snap.

Paulette Philpot

Ignore the technicolor photo of this Broccoli Soup with Cheddar Croutons and go right for the recipe, from the Washington Post.  Coriander, fennel, and cumin give it a decidedly Indian flavor and, frankly, broccoli needs that punch.  The croutons are basically crunchy torn bits of grilled cheese toasts.  Like the mussels, this soup is easy on the pocketbook but big on flavor.  I’d add a simple salad and call this dinner any time.

Felicity Cloake

It seems a bit odd to see an article called “The Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie” in the London Observer.  The chocolate chip cookie is, after all, a very American invention.  Felicity Cloake admits this freely, then proceeds to tackle the “best” recipes to come up with her own.  The versions she draws on range from the original Toll House to the addictive Jacques Torres to the thoughtful Alton Brown.  She covers fat, sweetness, texture, and more and finally comes out with a recipe she’s happy with.  I love it because she ups the salt-a trick I use in most chocolate recipes as it really balances the flavors.  Heck, if you want to decide for yourself conduct your own recipe test-try ’em all out and let me know what you think (better yet, invite me over for the taste test).

Happy Reading and Happy Cooking.

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4 Responses to What I’m Reading Today

  1. I have yet to find that chocolate chip cookie recipe that knocks my socks off. I am going to try this Brit recipe and see if she did it = ) thanks Jod, I will let you know how it goes.

  2. Ms. T says:

    These recipes look great! I just made mussels last weekend (with fennel, leeks, tomatoes, wine…threw in some preserved meyer lemons–yum!) and had the same thought: why don’t we make these more often? Now that they’re in my regular plans, I will definitely try this recipe next time.

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