What I’m Reading Today

Brrr…cold weather outside makes for perfect cooking weather.  Enjoy.

Andrew Scrivani/The New York Times

Ever wanted to try to sous vide at home but not ready to spend the big bucks on your own vacuum seal machine or immersion circulator?  I’m right there with you, so I was thrilled to see the master of Modernist Cuisine, Nathan Myhrvold, join Melissa Clark in the kitchen to show the rest of us how to emulate the sous vide technique with salmon at home.  The recipe, in the NY Times, is for Hazelnut and Coriander Spiced Salmon.  The technique calls simply for a heavy zip-top bag, a thermometer to test your water and fish temps, and a pot.  After a 20 minute rest in the warm water (barely warm-we’re talking 115 degrees) the fish is skinned and warmed in a coriander spiced butter.  The texture looks incredible and would work with any firm fish you like.  This video walks you right through it…just two minutes and well worth the watch.

Deb Lindsey/The Washington Post

Modern pastry chefs take inspiration from seasonal produce as much as cooks in a savory kitchen.  You may not think of a Blood Orange Tart, like this one from the Washington Post, as your go-to recipe for that next dinner party but why not?  We’ve all indulged in chocolate plenty of times; I think a citrus dessert would be welcome on any table.  The crust is like a sugar cookie, forgiving and easy to work with.  The filling is a simple pastry cream topped with a variety of blood oranges, although any of your favorite oranges will work.  I think it’s lovely.

Felicity Cloake/The Guardian

Hot Chocolate.  Seems simple enough…open a powdered packet, add some warm milk or water, and call it a day.  Well, if you’ve ever sipped real hot chocolate, the cocoa dust in those packages may become obsolete in your kitchen.  I’m talking about chopped quality chocolate, warm whole milk and/or cream, and a little pinch of salt…almost ganache in a mug.  This is an indulgence, no doubt about that, but a worthy one on any cold day (Seattle friends, I’m talking to you!).  This Hot Chocolate recipe, from the Guardian, is a starting point-feel free to throw in a pinch of cayenne, nix the cinnamon, or crush up some peppermint.

Happy Reading and Happy Cooking.


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