What I’m Reading Today

I’d say I’m sticking to my “more veggies” resolution with all of these recipes today.  Enjoy.

Deb Lindsey/The Washington Post

Larb Gai is a Thai version of chicken salad.  Served slightly warm or room temp with loads of chicken (often ground), onions, herbs, and toasted rice powder.  You’ll see it with duck, pork, and beef as well and when I was in Thailand we ate it all the time.  Today’s Washington Post has a recipe for a Thai Chicken and Shrimp Salad that takes its inspiration from a traditional larb.  A combo of red and green curry paste plus the ubiquitous lime juice and fish sauce make a dressing of sorts, giving the salad big flavor.  You can serve it as a lunch, a salad,  or even put it in lettuce cups for a passed appetizer.

Ricardo DeAratanha/The Los Angeles Times

Every January the LA Times publishes there 10 Favorite Recipes of the Year.  I look for the list because many years ago, when I was in and freshly out of college my grandma would spend her winters in Orange County.  She’d cut this article out, make a copy of it, and send it to both my mom and I, accompanied by her notes of course.  She was always sending recipes but this list never failed to inspire us.  So many look good this year but first to try for me will be the Italian Sausage and Kale Gratin.  Of course this means I need to wrangle a bunch of kale from our daily juice stash but, I think rescuing a bunch and pairing it with spicy sausage, goat cheese, and crunchy bread crumbs might be worth one less cup of juice.

Sarah Lee/The Guardian

I’m pretty happy when you put a fried egg on anything for me.  Breakfast, lunch, dinner…that runny yolk mixed into whatever is underneath is pretty hard to beat.  I’ve found myself heating up leftover vegetables, soup, and even pasta and giving them new lives with a fried egg on top.  Take the Guardian’s Wild Mushrooms on Toast with Fried Eggs – straight-forward, very seasonal, and the ideal match of textures and flavors.  The mushrooms are sauteed with some garlic and thyme, the bread is toasted with olive oil, and the eggs are fried in a bit of butter.  Really, what’s not to love?

Happy Reading and Happy Cooking.

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