What I’m Reading Today

The holidays have almost got the best of me.  I’ve still got a kitchen full of cookies but, they’re dwindling fast.  Leftovers are gone and we’re trying to supplement the treats with lots of juice from the new juicer.  Baby steps…

Evan Sung/The New York Times

If you’re staying in this New Year’s eve, let Melissa Clark of the New York Times steer your menu in the right direction.  Start with decadent Smoked Fish and Caviar Salad, because why not?  For dinner it’s Peppered Duck Breast with Red Wine Sauce served with a Celery Root & Potato Puree.  Dessert is Tangerine Ice and now is definitely the time to grab tangerines at the farmers’ market-they are gorgeous.  In true Melissa Clark fashion, the entire menu is well balanced, incredibly tasty, and simple to put together.

Ricard DeAratanha/The Los Angeles Times

If you can bear to dig your cookie sheets out one more time this month (I know mine have been working some serious overtime), these Raspberry Crescents, from the LA Times, will  make it worth your while.  I’ve made several recipes like this before and the cream cheese in the dough creates a flaky pastry that is entirely fool-proof.  Experiment with the fillings too-apricot jam, cinnamon sugar, or chopped chocolate and nuts would all work.

Matt McClain/The Washington Post

The Washington Post helps you clean out your pantry with a few recipe ideas to use up those items that have been sitting around for a while.  This Thai Kabocha Squash Curry is a healthy dinner and perfect way to use that can of coconut milk and jar of curry paste buried on your shelf.  Another idea I love is Barley Risotto with Turnips and Miso.  I always go through my grain bins around this time and dump anything that’s been sitting there too long.  Inevitably I find unopened bags of perfectly good grains like barley and lentils.  I think I see a risotto in my future!

May 2012 bring you lots of time to enjoy home cooked meals with the people you love.  Happy Reading and Happy Cooking.

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