What I’m Reading Today

Hope you’ve recovered from Thanksgiving.  It’s championship eating season in full swing-holiday parties, family dinners, Christmas cookies, and plenty of festive cocktails.  Are you ready?

Marilyn Yee/The New York Times

If you’re going for it, I say go big.  This Mocha Chocolate Chip Cake from Haley and Lauren Fox of Alice’s Tea Cup in New York is anything but a dainty tea snack.  Dive in after a holiday meal or whip one up to bring your neighbor.  Wrapped in a pink bakery box with a big bow tied around it, it might just make the best gift you’ll ever give.  Thank you NY Times for the heads-up.

Mel Melcon/The Los Angeles TImes

I’ve grown more and more fond of mustard lately.  I’m not a fan of the yellow ball park variety but spicy Dijon and whole grain mustards add the perfect nose-clearing kick to many dishes.  I made schnitzel the other night and served it with grainy mustard on the side-it was a perfect match.  In the LA Times Noelle Carter writes of her affinity for homemade mustard.  Yep, you can make it right at home and it’s actually pretty damn easy.  She offers five simple varieties so take your pick from Roman Mustard, Beer and Caraway Mustard, Dried Cranberry Mustard, Hard Cider Mustard, and Herbed Honey Mustard.  Find yourself some great jars like this, pack your mustard up with personalized stickers, and there you go-another perfect holiday gift made with ease.

Colin Campbell/The Guardian

I had a fantastic meal with my family at Frankie’s 570 in the West Village (NYC) last week.  One of the highlights was a raw Brussels Sprouts salad that hit home with every note.  Here is a recipe from Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall in the Guardian for Brussels Sprouts Salad with hazelnuts, lemon, and goat cheese.  I think I’d use a briny feta or young pecorino instead but that’s me liking the salty punch.  Either way, it’s a healthy salad alternative that you’ll love.  And, after all that indulging, we could all use a few more recipes like that.

Happy Reading and Happy Cooking!

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One Response to What I’m Reading Today

  1. Deana Tanguay says:

    Cannot wait to try the Brussel sprout salad! Yum!

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