What I’m Reading Today

Andrew Scrivani/The New York Times

Melissa Clark, in the NY Times, is a cook after my own heart.  You know by now that I’ve got my eye out for make-ahead Thanksgiving dishes.  Her Mashed Potato Casserole with Sour Cream and Chives fits the bill perfectly.  Fluffy mashed potatoes are spread into a baking pan and refrigerated for a couple days.  Take them out the afternoon of Thanksgiving then, while your turkey is resting, pop ’em in the oven with their cheesy breadcrumb topping.  My kind of recipe-tasty and oh so easy.

Bill Hogan/The Chicago Tribune

Mark, in my class last night, cracked me up when he admitted what we all know-Thanksgiving is really all about the stuffing. We work so hard to cook the perfect turkey but the fact is, what we all truly love is the stuffing along side.  Every family has a version and it tends to be a tough place to veer from tradition.   If you’re a family that likes to stuff the bird, here are a few tips from the Chicago Tribune to help ensure you keep the stuffing moist, full of flavor, and cooked just right.  I think the first is key-buy good bread.  It’s the main ingredient here and skimping on the cheap stuff means the lynchpin of your dish just wont cut it.

Dayna Smith/The Washington Post

Since the oven is oven tied up with the turkey, and burner space often comes at a premium, what about breaking out your slow cooker on Thanksgiving?  Talk about low maintenance, this recipe, from the Washington Post, throws crispy bacon, onions, and green beans in the slow cooker and let’s medium low heat and a couple unattended hours create your Green Beans and Bacon.  I love braised green beans and think the Thanksgiving table is just the right place for them.

I won’t be posting next Wednesday so I’ll take this time to wish you and yours a happy and delicious Thanksgiving.






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  1. Jodi: great finds: I am just starting to decide on a menu.

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