What I’m Reading Today

Last night I taught a class all about vegetables.  Got me thinking about Thanksgiving sides.  I think side dishes are the easiest place to introduce new recipes to this traditional meal.  Here are a few ideas I found in the food sections today.

Jim Wilson/The New York Times

David Tanis, in the NY Times, is taken with wild mushrooms.  I can’t blame him.  This time of year gorgeous chanterelles, morels, and porcini begin to show up at the market.  Few mushrooms are actually foraged in the wild any more but, in the fall, these varieties can be found in their true wild form.  Creamy Wild Mushroom and Parsnip Soup would be a gorgeous starter for your Thanksgiving dinner.  Not too heavy nor bold, but just enough of that fall flavor to whet your appetite.

Bill Hogan/The Chicago Tribune

It’s tough to think about Thanksgiving without the ubiquitous bowl of mashed potatoes on the table.  But, what about changing it up just a big and adding some rutabaga to your spuds?  The root has a kick, almost like a radish, that livens up potatoes in a big way.  Rutabaga Mash, from the Washington Post, is made with Yukon Gold potatoes so you’ll still get that creamy texture you know and love.  Just imagine it with a lot more flavor.

The Oregonian

I’m still deciding how I feel about making what look to be amazing chive biscuits and turning them into stuffing.  But, the Voltaggio brothers seem to think it’s a good idea.  The Oregonian details their Thanksgiving recipes and this Chestnut and Chanterelle Dressing with Chive Biscuits is definitely eye catching.  Parsnips, chestnuts, chanterelles, fresh herbs, biscuits-all good things in my book.  Will they make amazing stuffing?  I may just have to find out.

Happy Reading and Happy Cooking.

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