What I’m Reading Today

Mozzarella, Pumpkin, and Crepes…it’s a tasty day in the world of food.  Enjoy.

Alex Koester/The New York Times

Nancy Silverton rose to fame via some of the best kitchens in California (Chez Panisse, Campanille, and of course La Brea Bakery).  Today, however, her name is synonymous with Mozza, the notable LA osteria she opened with Mario Batali.  The Mozza Cookbook was recently published and Nancy is enjoying even more success.  The food at the restaurant is stunning-crackling pizzas, perfect salads, and mozzarella that is treated like a king.  This recipe, for Burrata with Bacon, Escarole, and Caramelized Shallots, in the NY Times, is all about the cheese.  Look for very fresh buratta-it has a short shelf life and should be used right away so buy it the day you need it.  If you cant get your hands on any, a good, fresh mozzarella would work in a pinch. But, there really is nothing like fresh burrata-it’s definitely worth the indulgence.

Bill O'Leary/The Washington Post

Everywhere you turn these days there are recipes for pumpkin-soup, pies, muffins, etc.  You might think it’s all been done when it comes to cooking with the gourd but, have you tried a smoked pumpkin?  Me neither.  In the Washington Post, Jim Shahin explores the idea of using a grill to lightly infuse the pumpkin with smoky flavor, and cook it at the same time. He serves the pumpkin straight up, with olive oil and salt, in a soup topped with rum cream, or, my personal favorite, transformed into pumpkin butter for S’mores.  This is not your old school pumpkin pie.  And, if you have a stove top smoker, like my student Tim was just talking about in class last night, you could use it for this as well.  Can’t wait to give it a shot.

Bill Hogan/The Chicago Tribune

We make a lot of crepes in my house.  Creating the batter could not be any easier and once you tackle the method for the perfectly golden thin pancake, you’ll realize they come together in a snap.  We even make them for breakfast on school days-it is that fast.  In the Chicago Tribune James DeWan walks through the process from A-Z and suggests lots of sweet and savory fillings.  Use your imagination-anything is tasty wrapped in a crepe: fruit, nut butters, sauteed vegetables, cheese, poached fish, and more.  If you make a batch in the blender, like I do, just keep it covered in your fridge for a couple days and you can use it for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.  To see me making crepes over at Chow.com, you can check out this video to be sure you’re not “doing it all wrong”.

Happy Reading and Happy Cooking.

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  1. Jodi, I love your round-up of what you’re reading and liking online. This is really useful…and well curated…thank you!

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