What I’m Reading Today

Some stick to your ribs dishes from today’s food sections.  Enjoy.

I love leeks.  I think the spring vegetable is under-rated.  This tame sister of the onion family gets delicately sweet when cooked and pairs perfectly with cream and potato, as in Melissa Clark’s Potato Leek Gratin in today’s New York Times.  A traditional recipe like this reminds us that sometimes you just need comfort food-cheesy, rich, and rooted in French cuisine. 

Tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day and I’d be remiss to get though this blog entry without a nod to the cuisine of Ireland.  Nothing is more traditional (here in the US at least) than Corned Beef and Cabbage.  This succulent version from the LA Times is glazed with bourbon and brown sugar.  It may not be your mom’s corned beef but it is sure to please.  To me the best part is the leftovers-Rueben anyone? 
Not just coffee cake but coffee IN the cake.  That’s what makes this Irish Coffee Coffee Cake  from the Chicago Tribune a little something special.  With Bailey’s and Irish coffee, this cake might be better for dessert than breakfast but, who’s really keeping track?  Either way, the tender cake and crumb topping have me hooked already…and it’s not even lunch time. 
Happy Reading and Happy Cooking…
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