Had to Show You These…

How could I resist?  You’ve read about my love of homemade ice cream.  In my class just yesterday a student named Jon whipped up a batch of this Vanilla Bean Ice Cream that was fantastic.  I told my students about these Cuisinart ice cream makers–$49.95 and you’ve got homemade ice cream any time.  
Today I discovered they are now being made in “Buttercup, Crush, Parsley, Pomegranate, and Tangerine”.  Following in the footsteps of the brightly colored Kitchen Aid mixers (“caviar, licorice, red cayenne” anyone?) these technicolor appliances are going to the summer’s must have gadget.  
If you haven’t bought an ice cream maker yet, get yourself one of these!
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2 Responses to Had to Show You These…

  1. Sally B says:

    Jodi… these are fabulous!! Have had one about 3-4 yrs. A gift from Williams-Sonoma.. an absolute snap and the price is right!
    Sally – Long Beach

  2. Amelia PS says:

    ohhhh! I so want one 🙂
    I recently had gazpacho with a basil-olive oil sorbet…so I am thinking these could be great even for savory cold inspirations!!!

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