D-Lish T-Lish

(Matt, from Delfina, holding their two signature tacos)

Have you been to Tacolicious?  I wrote about their killer taco stand at the Ferry Building a while back, drooling over the guajillo braised short rib tacos.  Since then Joe Hargrave and Sara Deseran opened their brick and mortar place of the same name, on Chestnut Street in the Marina.  I’ve been to the restaurant a few times, not only loving the tacos but the fresh chips and salsa are so utterly addictive I quickly learned to pace myself.

 (Craig giving Sara her soon-to-be-posted interview about his taco inspiration)

I was motivated to head back to the Ferry Building today when my friend Craig Stoll, chef and co-owner of Delfina, was the guest taco chef.  The Tacolicious stand is hosting a number of the city’s great culinary minds over the next few weeks, each one making a couple signature tacos to add to the already amazing menu-you can read about them here.  Today Craig, with his chef Matt (above), were firing two kinds of tacos-Cabeza tacos: beef head/tounge that had been braised forever then put on “la plancha” for a bit of crispy goodness AND Lamb Riblet tacos: tender bits of lamb topped with a cooling pineapple salsa.  I was hesitant on the cabeza but have to admit, it made for a perfect taco filling-tender, not at all greasy, and full of flavor.  The lamb was my favorite-the combo of rich meat and bright salsa were a taco match made in heaven. 

I look forward to trying more Thursday tacos at the Ferry Building.  What a great way for chefs to come together and cook new things.  The lines are long, I wont lie…my advice is an 11:30 lunch then a scoop of gelato for dessert.  Hope for sunshine and walk around to do some shopping.  This is why I love San Francisco!

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One Response to D-Lish T-Lish

  1. I really need to try some of these Thursday tacos. Today was the day, but I missed my window. Maybe next week…or a visit to the Marina bricks & mortar location.

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