Doughnuts Done Right

There is something about a perfect doughnut that is incredibly hard to resist. I’m not one to seek out a doughnut. In fact, I’ve heard if you are given a doughnut it has no calories…I wish. On my trip to Seattle this summer, I found myself driving by Top Pot doughnuts several times. What used to be one downtown location has expanded to several, thanks, I’m sure, to their deal with Starbucks (yep, these are the doughnuts you see screaming at you from their pastry case every morning). They are ok when you buy them at other coffee shops but when you stop at Top Pot and buy one fresh, there is nothing like it. I just couldn’t resist.

Unike the rising fame of cupcakes and now fried chicken, the doughnut has anchored itself in our world of favorite foods many years. Top Pot’s, however, are different. Light, not greasy, and meant to be enjoyed slow like any other great pastry. With flavors like Pink Feather Boa (cake doughnut with pink icing and coconut), Valley Girl (lemon filled), and Glazed Blueberry, it’s hard to pick a favorite. I’m a sucker for a maple old fashioned doughnut and when mine was looking right at me from the top of the case, it made my decision easy.

I sat in the sunshine with a cup of Top Pot’s own coffee and loved every minute of it. Guilt ridden? Sure, a little, but for some reason when it is a Top Pot doughnut you feel like it will all be okay. You’re craving one right now, aren’t you?

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4 Responses to Doughnuts Done Right

  1. KateM3 says:

    SO craving! Chocolate old fashioned with icing. Mmmmmmm.

  2. There's such a distinct doughnut divide in Seattle. It's either Top Pot or Mighty O. I'm a Mighty O girl – a little more old-fashioned style, a bit cakier and not as sweet (to me). Their french toast doughnut is delish but my absolute fave is the chocolate icing with toasted peanuts on top. ok, i'm officially salivating…

    love the new blog look, by the way.

  3. Brian says:

    We love Top Pot! (Though Mighty O sounds like I need to try it now!)… Our favorite is sunday AM, let the kids wear their PJs and go get donuts… Kids love the sprinkles, Krista is a maple bar girl, and I am glazed old fashioned all the way.

  4. Kerry says:

    I'm definitely a Top Pot fan; guess I have to be since they're out my back door! I have to try Mighty O – choc icing with peanuts was my fave at Top Pot and I haven't seen it recently.

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