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What I’m Reading Today

How does Wednesday come around so quickly again? Here we are, and here’s what I’m reading. Last Father’s Day my son and I bought my husband all the Kitchen Aid attachments for making homemade sausage. We’d tried them out before … Continue reading

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If I only knew how to….

…how to-what? That’s my question, in regards to the kitchen, of course. I’m curious. If you could be better at anything in the kitchen, what would it be? I’m thinking about future posts and wondering what kinds of things you’d … Continue reading

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What I’m Reading Today

Happy Food Section Wednesday. Here’s what looks good today… Russ Parsons, of the LA Times, just returned from New Mexico. His article about true green chile made my mouth water, even at 6am. The real deal isn’t so easy to … Continue reading

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What I Read Yesterday

My bad…worked to meet a big writing deadline and didn’t get to my Wednesday blog. Better late than never! Here you go. Artichoke Hearts with Harissa Salad – oh my that looks fantastic. It’s from an article in yesterday’s LA … Continue reading

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Lenti Soup with a Recipe

I love lentil soup. It’s quick to make, super simple, very inexpensive, and can be seasoned any way you like it. It’s great vegetarian and delish with a little sausage too. I made some yesterday and thought I’d try to … Continue reading

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What I’m Reading Today

Welcome to Wednesday! Here’s what I’m reading today. “30 Days of Ripe Tomatoes“…what more do you need? The esteemed Russ Parsons, over at the LA Times will motivate you to use the best of my favorite fruit, at its peak … Continue reading

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Loving Breakfast

If I had to pick a desert island meal (breakfast, lunch, or dinner) my vote would be breakfast, hands down. It is my favorite meal of the day and has been for as long as I can remember. I don’t … Continue reading

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