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The Ever Insightful Michael Pollan

How I missed this in Wednesday’s NY Times, I don’t know (vacation mode, I guess). Please take the time to read Out of the Kitchen, On to the Couch. The 8 (yes, eight) page manifesto written by Pollan on the … Continue reading

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What I’m Reading Today

Well, I finally chased the sun and found some summer. In Sonoma, CA for just a few more days and left the frigid summer temps in San Francisco behind. Definitely harder to motivate in the kitchen with the warm sun … Continue reading

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Couple New Faves

It’s often hard to keep up with what’s new in San Francisco. Sure, the economy has axed a restaurant here and there but, it hasn’t kept the list of new spots from continuing to grow. Over the past couple of … Continue reading

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What I’m Reading Today

Hope the sun is out where you are! We’re heading in search of it next week so Mmm…That’s Good might just be taking a break. In the meantime, this should hold you over. Food trucks are all the rage from … Continue reading

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Perfect Summer Lunch and Eggs

Big news. Today I signed a contract to write another book, all about eggs. Yep, it’ll be a spring title by me and sold all over the place. Should actually get author credit on the front this time, which will … Continue reading

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What I’m Reading Today

Woke up and spent the first hour of the morning thinking it was Tuesday. Shows you what happens when I get into summer mode! So, happy Wednesday. Here’s what I’m reading… I love Vietnamese food, just don’t cook it enough. … Continue reading

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Simple Summer Dinner

I taught a class recently called Simple Seasonal Cooking at Tante Marie’s Cooking School. I wasn’t surprised when it sold out instantly-people love easy dinners. This is of course a great time for simple cooking. When produce is this fresh … Continue reading

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