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Lovely Little Nibs

Mmm…I’m in love with my nibs. You know what they are, right? Yep-cocoa nibs. These are the roasted, cracked, and shelled cocoa beans. Eventually nibs are ground into a paste and processed into the chocolate we all know and love. … Continue reading

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What I’m Reading Today

Hopefully you’re coming down from your post-Easter sugar high. I know I’m still sneaking a jelly bean or two but, am about ready to chuck the whole bowl in the trash. That said, sweets are of course still on my … Continue reading

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Spring Lamb Stew

I made a new recipe last night and wanted to share the love. It was delish! I was inspired by this recipe in the SF Chronicle. I changed it up a bit and was happy with the results. The dish … Continue reading

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Blog Roll…

Like most people who have a blog, somewhere on their main page is a ‘blog roll’…a link to the blogs they like. I have a love/hate relationship with these lists. When I go to one of my favorite sites, I … Continue reading

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What I’m Reading Today

To my friends and family celebrating Passover tonight or Easter this weekend, Happy Holidays. As my husband likes to say, ‘anything with a poached egg on top has got to be good.’. I tend to agree-especially when the egg is … Continue reading

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Why I Went to Culinary School….

…or Why Tante Marie’s is the Best! I went to culinary school in 1998. I’d worked a ‘real job’ for almost eight years and had one of those life changing experiences when I took a vacation in Italy. I was … Continue reading

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Healthful, Hearty Soup

I love soup for dinner, especially when it’s a one pot meal. This simple soup is dinner in a bowl-you really don’t need anything else. I found the recipe in a 2003 Bon Appetit and kept it in the back … Continue reading

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