What I’m Reading Today

Happy Wednesday…

Yesterday I wrote a post called ‘cheap and easy’. Today’s New York Times had a handful of recipes they call cheap and tasty‘ . These days we all want good food without breaking the bank. Well, Tri Tip Skewers with Harissa and Yogurt or Pork Loin with Asparagus and Spring Onions definitely fit the bill. The Times also writes about Michael Ruhlman’s new book Ratio. I am in LOVE with the concept here-a book that teaches 33 culinary ratios for everything from sauces to bread so you can improvise to your heart’s content next time you’re in the kitchen. Who needs a recipe anymore anyways?

Cinco de Mayo is right around the corner and today’s LA Times has a great recipe for Goat Cheese Fundido with Pumpkin Seed Sauce. I definitely want to dip my chips in that…in fact maybe just a big ol’ spoon! Russ Parson’s also takes on shortcakes, one my of favorite spring and summer standbys. You might be surprised to see hard boiled eggs sneak into the ingredients…he says that “because the yolks are high in fat and low in moisture they add richness without risking toughening the dough”. I have an old Italian cookie recipe that does the same thing and I will tell you, fantastic! I’m giving it a try.

We made Parisienne Gnocchi during our pate au choux marathon back in culinary school. I remember loving them but, I also remember swearing never to make pate au choux (cream puff/gougere dough) again after doing so much of it. Well, after today’s Washington Post I’m back and the gnocchi might just bring me around (ok, I’ve made a gougere or two over the years as well). Rather than using a potato base, these are gnocchi made from the same dough you’d use in a profiterole, but savory. Also gleaned from Ruhlman’s new book, this recipe is easy, make ahead, and family friendly.

I loved the article from Slate.com about the cost of making pantry staples at home. Do you think it makes sense to make homemade bagels, granola, and yogurt or is it really better on the wallet to buy it at the store?

Raw kale? You’d be surprised at what a great salad base it makes. The SF Chronicle has a 5-6 minute recipe for Kale Salad with Toasted Almonds and, if you try nothing else, try this. Not only is kale amazingly healthy but, once you eat it like this, you’ll love it. I’ve got a similar recipe with chili flakes, garlic, and pecorino so, just add what you like and you will be happy.

Are you going asparagus crazy yet? Today’s Seattle Times published (syndicated from Everyday Food) a handful of great ways to use the green stalks that are everywhere right now. From quiche with leeks and gruyere to shaving it into spaghetti, you’ll want to check out these new ideas.

Whew…lots to read today. Enjoy!

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