No Garbage Lunch

In honor of Earth Day, yesterday was ‘no garbage lunch’ day at my son’s school. No, it didn’t mean no junk food (although I call that stuff garbage too). It meant no trash-no plastic bags, wrapped food, or even foil. Compostable napkins were okay as were reusable containers for food. No problem, I thought the night before.

Morning came and I was putting the lunch together and, let me tell you, it’s pretty easy. Cherry tomatoes, small balls of fresh mozzarella, and chunks of melon all fit fine in small plastic containers. Chicken noodle soup in the Thermos and a huge peeled carrot, unwrapped, to top things off. I even wrapped a couple ‘Fig Newman’s‘ in a the napkin. No string cheese, no yogurt sticks, and no Ziplocs. Every container came home in tact and now they can all be used again (although I’m on a mission to phase out all my plastic containers so, next time it’ll be stainless containers or waxed bags/paper-did you know it was compostable?).

I love that kid these days are so aware of things like composting and recycling. There is no thought at my house when food scraps are tossed out-of course they go in the compost can. I can’t begin to tell you how much garbage I’ve eliminated at home by getting a big green can for my compost. I downsized our garbage can and rarely fill it up. Imagine scaling this for a whole school…now imagine scaling it in your town, city, state, etc.

We’ve got a lot of garbage we can do without. Why not start with lunch?

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