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What I’m Reading Today

Happy Wednesday… Yesterday I wrote a post called ‘cheap and easy’. Today’s New York Times had a handful of recipes they call ‘cheap and tasty‘ . These days we all want good food without breaking the bank. Well, Tri Tip … Continue reading

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Cheap and Easy

Dinner people, I’m talking about dinner. Geesh…I type ‘cheap and easy’ and your mind goes right to the gutter. So I work on Tuesday nights. I usually leave dinner for my boys. Something easy. I make it in advance and … Continue reading

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No Garbage Lunch

In honor of Earth Day, yesterday was ‘no garbage lunch’ day at my son’s school. No, it didn’t mean no junk food (although I call that stuff garbage too). It meant no trash-no plastic bags, wrapped food, or even foil. … Continue reading

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What I’m Reading Today

It’s that time of the week again. Here’s what I’m reading. The LA Times is ‘Tackling the Ethics of Eating‘. Who isn’t these days, right? I like this article for is practicality. It’s not too preachy, doesn’t whine incessantly about … Continue reading

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Book Picks

You’ll notice I’ve added a new feature to my site…the Mmm…That’s Good Bookstore. The shelves are a bit sparse now but, rest assured I will continue to stock them until they’re busting at the seams. If you’ve got book favorites, … Continue reading

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What Are You Doing Sunday??

If you’re in the know, you’ll be taking it all in at North Beach’s best block party. Celebrating it’s 30th Anniversary, Tante Marie’s Cooking School is hosting the festivities and you’re all invited. The celebration goes from 11-3 Sunday the … Continue reading

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Eating In

I love going out to dinner. I love trying new dishes, I love my reliable favorites, I love the glass(es) of wine, and I really love not doing the dishes. But, these days I think most dining out feels like … Continue reading

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