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It’s "SOI" good

In Chiang Mai, Thailand there is an amazing local dish called Khao Soi (pronounced ‘cow soy’). I’ve posted this picture before but, wanted to put it up again since I’m finally including the recipe. I have Robyn to thank for … Continue reading

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What I’m Reading Today

It’s good to be back to my regular Wedneday post. Here’s what I’m reading today. The SF Chron no longer has a Wednesday food section. After the news this morning, it might no longer have a paper! As I see … Continue reading

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Satisfying a Craving

I am so happy to be home, and actually stay here for a while. I just had two amazing trips and loved every minute of both of them but, I miss cooking in my kitchen. Today I had a craving. … Continue reading

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Sorry for the Lapse

I’m wrapping up a little family vacation and headed home tonight. Sorry it’s been so long since you’ve heard from me. I’ve been gone but, haven’t forgotten. Look forward to some new stuff ASAP Thanks for staying tuned!

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What I’m Reading Today

After a 36 hour journey home, I’m back. Jet lagged and a bit scattered but, I am here. Figure I’ll make this a short one because for any of you who have waited out my LONG posts from Asia, you … Continue reading

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Goodbye Asia

I am writing from the Tokyo airport on a massive layover between Thailand and the States. What else does one do here for 6 hours? Our final dinner in Chiang Mai was back and Jeff and Naomi’s. While we pitched … Continue reading

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Thursday morning brought another day of sunshine. While many people in our group hopped the van to see elephants, Farina, Mary and I stayed back to walk around the city. Naomi met us in the morning at the coffee stand … Continue reading

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