What I’m Reading Today

Well, it’s Christmas Eve and tonight will be the 4th night of Hanukkah. Happy Holidays to everyone!

With a sick husband, no presents wrapped, and food to cook I still managed to sneak in some reading of the food sections this morning.

I’m in a Crab and Shrimp kind of mood. I dashed out to Swan Oyster Depot this morning to pick up mounds of fresh cracked crab and shrimp for dinner tonight. If I have any shrimp left, I’m all over this Shrimp Hoagie with Spicy Remoulade and Cherry Tomatoes from today’s SF Chronicle. Totally my kind of sandwich with a perfect contrast of tastes, textures, and temperature. Yum!

Roasted Hedgehog Potatoes sounds odd, right? Think small Yukon Gold’s sliced about 90% through on the horizontal so they look like a fan. Now tuck Bay and Thyme into the potatoes, drizzle them with olive oil and roast. These are often called Hasselback potatoes and I’ve never tried them. Might just do it tonight! Thank you LA Times!

Chowder-I love it! Clam, shrimp, corn…you name it, I am a fan. I don’t like it too thick but too thin is a serious dissapointment too. Today’s NY Times has a recipe for Manhattan Bay Scallop Chowder that looks amazing. Note: “Manhattan” chowder is tomato based, not cream based but, this combo of plump juicy scallops, bacon, and fennel will be perfect in a tomato broth. If you’re not a scallop person, I think clams or shrimp would be great in here too.

You probably have your Christmas brunch menu all figured out. If so, save this for another day. If not, why not make Emily Luchetti’s Cinnamon Sugar Toast from today’s Washington Post? You can make a big batch by doing it in the oven. Who doesn’t have childhood memories of this sugary sweet breakfast treat?

Happy Holiday Cooking!

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One Response to What I’m Reading Today

  1. Lugene says:

    I hope you ended up having a great holiday, sick husband and all. Thanks for the recipe for sweet toast. I will make it tomorrow. happy holidays!

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