What I’m Reading Today

Here’s what I’ve got for today. By the way, have you thought about your last meal yet?

The SF Chronicle has an article on Chili. It’s never been my favorite food because I think it is because it tends to be insipid…kind of boring and one dimensional. It has so much potential and, when the weather turns (which thankfully it hasn’t here), I’m willing to give it another try. Chicken and Poblano Chili anyone?

I love the idea of canning but, in my urban environment I’ve just never gotten around to clearing out the ‘cellar’ and making it happen (cellar a.k.a. garage). When I read this recipe in the NY Times for Cherry Pepper Poppers-say that 10 times fast!!-I loved the idea of putting them in a jar and covering them with a briny vinaigrette. Maybe they wont fill my cellar but, I bet someone would love to get a jar as a host/hostess gift one day. Beats a bottle of wine, right?

I’ve got a new crush….whom, you may ask, is the object of my affections? Mr. Broccoli Rabe! Have you met him? He’s stalky, bright green, a little bitter at times, and loves being spicy. Today’s LA Times combines my new crush with two other things I love-Broccoli Rabe with White Beans and Ricotta Salata. If you’re a little shy about his bitterness, this recipe for Broccoli Rabe Pesto will help you get over it. If you haven’t met the Mister, give him a try.

I know newspapers are hurting badly these days. When it comes to slashing departments, I think the Seattle Times has taken a whack at their food section. As much as I love my home town, I’m taking this moment to bid them a fond farewell. It’s been weeks since I’ve seen an innovative recipe or article but, if something good comes my way I will be sure to send it along.

Happy Cooking.

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