Back on the Soapbox…

…this time it’s brief.

Marion Nestle, nutritionist extraordinaire and author of What to Eat (a book on my list but I haven’t read yet), answered a great question in the San Francisco Chronicle:

Q: How do nutritionists feel about Michael Pollan’s idea in “In Defense of Food” that we should be eating food, not nutrients?

Her answer is aplicable to all of your daily lives, and mine of course. Simply put, she says “Eat less. Move more. Eat lots of fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Don’t eat too much junk food.”

This is how I was raised to eat. A lot of variety, everything in moderation, and nothing was really off limits. We had ‘junk’ very infrequently and fruits and veggies all the time.

Take a peak and Marion’s full answer. It’s not a long read and well worth your time.

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