My ‘WOW’ Moment

Imagine me driving down the busy street in my neighborhood, looking right, and seeing my own book on three shelves of a Williams Sonoma display window!


photo credits to saul goode entertainment

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3 Responses to My ‘WOW’ Moment

  1. Deana says:

    So cool! I had to order mine on Amazon and it is still “pre-order” there. Hopefully it will ship sooner than they said (no Williams Sonoma down my way.)Congratulations again Jod!

  2. Dave Marcrander says:

    Very cool, Jodie!

  3. Kerry says:

    I pre-ordered one too, but couldn’t wait until November for Amazon to send it. How great to see your book in the store! I’ve already read it cover to cover and can’t wait to start cooking from it. My mission – to try every recipe in the next year! Hold me to it Jodi.Several more are on their way already for gifts and I have a list to give for Christmas!

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