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Stock vs. Broth

Students are always asking what the difference is between chicken stock and chicken broth. “If I can’t find broth and only have stock, is it okay to substitute?” The short answer to that question is a simple ‘yes’. However, there … Continue reading

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Healthy Snacks-are they worth it?

So I picked up three boys from school today to take them to baseball practice (a.k.a.-time to dig in the dirt, push my friend, and stare at the sky). Being the good ‘culinary mom’ that I am, I packed some … Continue reading

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Kosher Salt-Pinched, not Shaken

One of the first things I teach my students is to make friends with kosher salt and to salt their food as they are cooking. Salt is such a critical ingredient for a good cook-it is really what separates okay … Continue reading

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Phyllo Dough-Don’t Be Afraid

I was raised with a grandmother (“Noni”) who could tame a box of phyllo dough with her eyes closed. Back in the day she even made the dough from scratch, an art seen in very few places anymore. The dough … Continue reading

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It’s Not That Easy Being Green…

…but it IS worth it! Ever since I read Michael Pollan’s Omnivore’s Dilemma I have been more aware of what I put in my body and what I feed my family. It is the book I recommend more than any … Continue reading

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Mmm…that’s good! The phrase every cook hopes to hear after making a dish. It makes it all worth it-someone takes a bite, maybe it’s even you, there is a short pause and then you hear it, “mmm…that’s good!’. This blog … Continue reading

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